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Toilet paper holder in the bathroom remodeling contractors trash can the soap dispenser and Will paint in here the inside part of the door jamb same color but this is espresso color which we’ll just be careful to avoid painting the hinges those look nice leave those exposed we’ll leave that exposed got the switch plate covers on has turned out nice all right got the mirror hung up and hand towel holder and the beginnings of the medicine cabinet but I messed up and I cut a hole in the back for this that was too big so.

I’m putting that he glued it back up and I’m letting that dry and then what uh the main mirror why sure I’m glad I put those those studs back there because he went right in it’s very secure all right got the blast shelf installed actually fairly secure tempered glass as well that’s it for the time being oh hey I went to Lowe’s and upgraded this paint just look at the difference between this pane this is a flat and talked to the guy and actually flat i snot recommended for bathrooms for one it just shows.

Every little piece of dust and – it’s not great with moisture that you find in a bathroom so I got the same color but in a semi-gloss so this will actually serve as the primer so here’s the repainted with the semi-gloss looks lot nicer hold up better to moisture to there is the shower hardware brush nickel head and lever works pretty well and then here is the medicine cabinet backward and basically.

just used a six-foot rope light starts hair runs down that electrical outlet will also be nice for like the toothbrush and there it is with the plant I started one buying on the road might even let that overtime just start the trail over here with some pushpin maybe that way a little bit to here’s the molding really did a nice job accenting the ceiling the light that presupposed.

This would include bathtubs showers toilets sinks and cabinets you need to make sure that it fits every item fits in the allotted space I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come to a project where somebody and this seems to be the most common mistake somebody wants to put a little bigger cabinet in maybe Bathroom Remodel and Renovation.

They had a -inch cabinet before now they want to put an  inch cabinet in and of course it encroaches into a space like the toilet space most common and creates a building code issue so with this suggestion I am making heretic number six is mainly for building codes and space.

You know if you order a larger tub in either direction width or length then you need to make sure that it’s actually going to fit in the area and don’t forget if you do order some items the plumbing might need to be moved.

Also you order a whiter tub then the plumbing drain might need to be moved and same thing with a sink drain tip number seven and here’s something else that most people are not going to think about and again can be a big problem during the project and that would be replacing old pipes.

Whether their drain pipes or water supply pipes this is a big problem for bathroom remodeling projects as far as trying to keep you your job or your project inside of its budget you can actually start remodeling

The bathroom tear some stuff out and then run into a problem that’s going to require a lot of money to repair whether it’s removing old rusted pipes that are damaged drain pipes or removing water supply pipes another problem that I ‘ve had in the past had to deal with was galvanized pipes tying in copper pipe to galvanized pipe.